mig2cut MIG Pattern Cutting Services ltd
MIG is a London based pattern bureau, delivering pattern related services for over 20 years to the London and international fashion industry.
Among the customers are some famous fashion designers and brands.
The skilled MIG staff can deal with the particular requirements of different fashion designers and utilise various CAD systems.
Recognition of the uniqueness of each style, translating this into accurate patterns, flexibility and a broad offering of services are the key assets of MIG.
fashionpartner is used at Mig for registering the specifications of incoming customer orders , controlling the different operations on the customer styles, tracking the work in process, generating delivery notes and invoices. The different operators can scan their completed operations on a special App. The delivery of production patterns to remote factories is controlled by a web-based application.
Denise Perry Managing Director at MIG says: “We have been using fashionpartner since 1993. Although our activitities changed during the years, the fashionpartner programme has been able to evolve with us. fashionpartner saves us time in dealing with the particular demands of each customer and enables us to be really in control of our business.”