All aspects of garment or sewn-goods production are covered by the following modules:

The Material Management Module contains:

  • Fabric and trimmings data with:
    • Supplier references
    • Costs
    • Pictures
    • Quality control and approval cycles
    • Specifications of fabrics and trimming
  • Stock management for Fabric and Trimmings on different locations
  • Style management with Bill of Materials and colour and size dependencies
  • Order-management for fabric and trimmings
  • Management of fabric-pieces and colour-baths
  • Production orders and cutting-lists with calculation of needed fabrics and trimmings
  • Finished products deliveries

The Production Time Module contains:

    • Management of operations and production times


  • Article definitions with Bill of Operations
  • Production preparation
  • Production planning
  • Production follow up by barcode-scanning with:
    • Batch-processing
    • Online-processing with terminals
  • Recording of available staff
  • Calculation of efficiencies by operator, style, operation etc.

Optional: Visual Planning System with Gantt

The Cutting Room Planning is the link between your cutting room and your production order system:

  • Starts from a given production-order (with quantities of a style to produce in different sizes and colours)
  • Calculates the most efficient marker combinations for the production-order:
    • What size-combinations to put in a marker
    • How many markers to make
    • How many layers of fabric to spread and to cut for each colour and for each marker
    • Takes into account different parameters such as maximal number of layers, maximum marker length, maximum number of sizes in a marker etc.
  • Automatic marker nesting trough link with automatic nesting programs
  • Helps you to calculate fabric cost faster and more accurately in the price calculation and production preparation process
  • Central Pattern file storage and link with other product data
  • Fabric and lining usage update in BOM (Bill of Materials) for costings
  • Central Marker database for repeat orders