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Insys was founded in 1987 by Jan Leyssens and the company soon started to specialize in solutions for the fashion and sewn-products industry . At that time production began to move away from Western Europe and many separate computerised applications were developed and introduced to the industry encompassing pattern making , order and stock management , production and retail – all stand-alone systems . This resulted in much double data entry with inherent delays and increased potential for error.
The challenge, on which Insys has worked since, has been to develop and offer integrated systems for this industry which are driven by a further internationalisation of the business and delocalisation of the production , faster reaction to emerging trends and growing price consciousness .

People and Values
Although we are dealing in technology , people are the most important factor . We base our entire enterprise on long term relationships with our staff and customers in order to link the rapidly changing world of fashion with stability . All of our core development is undertaken by our internal staff who are acknowledged for their technical competence and specialization . We try to establish a personal , no nonsense partnership with our customers .

The solid foundations of our company have enabled us to develop our expertise in an ethical manner which we hope will assist us to contribute to society at large and its environment.

Since the start in 1987 Insys recognized that it is always better to use open information technology standards than to try and re-invent the wheel.
SQL-databases have consistently been used by Insys to store data ,(a few year before Microsoft brought out his own SQL-server ) and Unix was used as a solid multi user platform for business critical applications which later evolved to Linux which is used on most servers on the internet today.

To enable faster application development a fourth generation SQL based programming language was needed so in 1996 Insys became one of the early adapters of the Java programming language, introduced by Sun, to enable platform independent development “Write once , run everywhere” . This potential to have the same program running on Windows, Mac and Linux was also recognized by companies like IBM .

Since 2005 Insys developed its own framework based on Enterprise Java technology which gives unique on-the-fly-configuration , integration and minimal bandwith consumption possibilities.
All Insys programs are able to run in a web-browser on the internet since the nineties and in recent years also HTML5 based apps are developed to run on portable wireless devices connected to the internet and our central database .
Additionally, standard information technologies have been used to implement barcode scanning and printing , report generation in various formats , CAD drawing/ reading , Fabric and leather cut file generation , EDI and XML data exchange , Web-services , RF/ID , Mobile Apps , Cloud etc. . The challenge remains to detect new technology standards and to apply them in our applications for the fashion and sewn products industry.