Mastering the complexity of cutting and sewing
Leather and textile car seats

Used by leading car seat manufacturers
Unique integration with CAD systems
Proven efficiency gain




Development (PDM/PLM)

Product Data & Lifecycle

  • Fully configurable and integated significantly reduces the development process.
  • Version control, change and release management.
  • Bill of Materials with CAD-patterns integrated.
  • Development tracking.
  • Program managment.

Pattern and Marker management

  • Pattern import from standard CAD systems Lectra, Gerber, Optitex and Autocad.
  • Automatic pattern numbering and version management.
  • Linking patterns with materials and BOM.
  • Automatic marker creation and nesting for minimal fabric consumption.
  • Marker database and cutting file generation.

Operations defintion

  • Visually define (sewing) operations on a style based on patterns.
  • Automatically calculate sewing time and yarn consumption.
  • Machine and operations database.
  • Exchange Bill of Operations with planning production system.
  • Calculate operations times cost.


Fabric and leather material

  • Fabric roll management with production batch checking.
  • Leather hide import with quality zones from leather scanning systems.
  • Automatic leather hide qualification and supplier rating.
  • Automatic leather nesting for minimal waste.

Cutting room

  • Preparation and planning of cutting operations.
  • Controlling jobs for automatic cutting machines.
  • Calculate expected cutting time and capacity planning.
  • Integration with for marker and leather management.
  • Fabric and Leather cutting files generation for automatic cutting machines.

Sewing room

  • Production floor machine and material flow definition.
  • Operator database with efficiency and learning curves.
  • Operator attendance registration.
  • Machine and operator resource calculation.
  • Production line balancing based on production orders and product (sewing) operations.

Quality management and Production Part Approval (PPAP)

  • Full Production Part Approval.
  • Process (PPAP) management.
  • Support of different international standards.
  • Storing test result and quality declarations.
  • Automatic reminders and support for the requalification process.

ERP connector

  • Exchange information with ERP-systems.
  • Style and product information.
  • Bill of Materials with updating fabric and leather consumption.
  • Integration with for marker and leather management.
  • Production orders.
  • Stock changes.


Cutting Management and Visualisation

  • Visualisation of cut pieces, coloring by type or product for ppeeding up cutted pieces sorting and take-off.
  • Cutfile and marker management.
  • Direct interface with automatic cutters.
  • Fabric and leather cutting support, ERP stockupdate.
  • Single ply and multiple ply cutting support.

Quality control and spare pieces management

  • Registering defective pieces after cutting or sewing processes.
  • Possibility to measure dimensions based on pattern on screen.
  • Stock management of spare pieces.
  • Automatically creating cutting orders for compensation of defective pieces.

Sewing Management

  • Production line balancing based on sewing plan and production order.
  • Scanning finished products and label printing.
  • Monitoring production order progress and bottle necks.
  • Registering operator replacements and machine defects and downtime.
  • Efficiency calculation and ERP stock update.
  • Visualisation of production progress.