Each community has the duty to protect the earth and to ensure its fruitfulness for coming generations

- Jorge Bergoglio - Laudato Si 67 -

We are contributing our part to protect the earth and acting against global climate change by the following

Continous Development

Continous Integration

A sustainable approach to software development

We provide a permanent maintenance of our software and are gradually adopting it to new technologies as they become available. This allows our customers to build on previous investments. Unlike other ERP, PLM and webshop programs upgrading to a new version of an Insys program does not require a new and costly implementation.

Maintaining a sustainable relation with our customers

Insys was established 1987 this means there must be something sustainable in the way we work with our stakeholders. We are not searching for short term profit but for a long term cooperation based on fairness and mutual respect.

Consuming less natural resources

Starting in 2015 we did a big renovation on our office buildings which made it possible to reduce our heating cost by 60 % and the water consumption by 50 % replacing all windows with triple glazing, improved insulation on the external walls and recovery of rain water. For the future we are planning the electrification of our vehicles and other initiatives to save natural resources.

Sustainable thinking as an attitude

We subscribe to the Sustainable Development Goals as they were defined by the United Nations in 2015. We are actively participating in local initiatives and groups on sustainable development. We are working hard to make sustainable thinking and attitude for everybody in our company.