Mastering the complexity of cutting and sewing for leather and textile upholstery

For seats, beds, sofa's and mattresses production
Unique integration with CAD systems
Smarter cutting and sewing

Design and Development

Planning and Production

Design and Prototype Management


  • All design information for new styles and products in a central place.
  • Communicate with your design team.
  • Exchange sketches, ideas, pictures etc.
  • Overview of the new collection.
  • Follow up the design workflow.

Product Data and Lifecycle Management

  • Fully configurable significantly reduces the collection development.
  • Full information for production and sales channels.
  • Bill of Materials, color and size specifications.
  • Pattern and fitting information.
  • Follow up design and production workflow.


Pattern and Marker management

  • Pattern import from standard CAD systems Lectra, Gerber, Optitex and Autocad.
  • Automatic pattern numbering and version management.
  • Linking patterns with materials and BOM.
  • Automatic marker creation and nesting for minimal fabric consumption.
  • Marker database and cutting file generation.

Operations definition

  • Visually define the operations on a style based on patterns.
  • Automatically calculate sewing time and yarn consumption.
  • Machine and operations database.
  • Exchange operator instructions with production system.
  • Calculate operations cost.

ERP connector

  • Exchange information with ERP-systems.
  • Style and product information.
  • Bill of materials.
  • Production orders.
  • Stock changes.

Planning and Production

Cutting Room Planning

  • Preparation and planning of cutting operations.
  • Controlling jobs for automatic cutting machines.
  • Calculate expected cutting time and capacity planning.
  • Integrated with PDM/PLM, Pattern and Marker management and CAD programs for marker exchange and automatic nesting.

Cutting Visualisation

  • Direct interface with cutting systems.
  • Visualize cutting progress.
  • Cut pieces, coloring by type or product.
  • Speeding up cut pieces sorting and take-off.
  • Single ply and multiple ply cutting support.

Sewing Room Planning and Production Follow up

  • Operator and machine resource calculation.
  • Production line balancing based on sewing plan and production order.
  • Production follow up by scanning completed operations
  • Scanning finished operations per piece or bundle.
  • Monitoring production order progress and bottle necks.
  • Registering defects and machine downtime.
  • Possibilty of direct integration with sewing machines.

Quality control and spare pieces management

  • Registering defective pieces after cutting or sewing processes.
  • Possibility to measure dimensions based on pattern on screen.
  • Stock management of spare pieces.
  • Automatically creating cutting orders for compensation of defective pieces.
  • Registering type of defects