Experts for textile and
leather products solutions

Innovative, integrated and sustainable software.
Over 30 years of industry experience.
Cloud-based and On Premise.





For it is in giving that we receive.

- Francis of Assisi -


Innovation means for us applying and adapting new technology for the industry we are working for. We are continously investigating new possibilities and are flexible to implement them because all the developments are done by our own staff.


Our software is build on in depth knowlegde of processes in the textile and leather processing industry: design, sales, production, distribution, retail and finance. Smart integration of all our software modules avoids time consuming errors and reentering of data. Over the years we have integrated our software with numerous other systems such as: design and CAD, cutting machines, other PLM systems, other ERP-systems, other WMS, sorter machines, web-shops, other retail-systems, automatic counters, transport companies, other accounting software, banks, credit control, payment systems, etc.


We provide a permanent maintenance of our software and are gradually adopting it to new technologies as they become available. This allows our customer to build on previous investments for a smooth transition to newer versions of the software. Read more ...